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Launch your career in healthcare with our comprehensive Nurse Aide program. Designed to prepare students for rewarding roles in various healthcare settings.

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About our Nurse Aide Program

This program offers essential training in patient care techniques, including basic nursing skills, vital signs monitoring, and effective communication with healthcare teams. Graduates are well-equipped to work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health settings, providing critical support to nursing staff and enhancing patient care.

Program Objectives

Develop fundamental nursing skills to assist healthcare professionals in daily clinical and administrative tasks.

Learn to perform essential duties such as bathing, feeding, and dressing patients while respecting their dignity and privacy.

Gain proficiency in health and safety protocols to enhance patient and workplace safety.

Prepare for the state certification exam to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA).

Program Structure

Students learn about the structure and services in long-term care facilities, focusing on the roles and responsibilities of nurse aides, patient rights, and the importance of quality of life for patients.

This course covers the essential skills needed to assist patients with their personal care needs, such as bathing, grooming, feeding, and mobility. Emphasis is placed on performing these tasks with respect for patient dignity and independence.

Focuses on fundamental nursing tasks like measuring vital signs, infection control, and emergency procedures. Students learn to perform these skills proficiently to support patient health and safety.

Introduces techniques for promoting patient independence and mobility through restorative care. Topics include range of motion exercises and the use of assistive devices.

Explores the psychological and social factors affecting patients, particularly the elderly, in healthcare settings. Students learn communication skills and strategies for addressing common emotional and social needs.

This course provides an overview of the legal and ethical frameworks that govern the conduct of nurse aides, including patient privacy, consent, and ethical decision-making in patient care.

A practical, hands-on lab where students apply the skills they’ve learned in a controlled, supervised environment. The lab focuses on mastering clinical procedures before beginning actual patient care.

Students gain real-world experience through a clinical externship in a healthcare facility under the supervision of medical professionals. This component is crucial for reinforcing learned skills and understanding the daily responsibilities of a nurse aide.

Multi-ethnic medical nurses analyzing sickness symptoms
About this program:

In-Person & Hands-On


5 Weeks


On Campus

Certification Exam:
Texas Health & Human Services

Nurse Aide Exam

Admission Requirements:

Minimum age of 17 years

High School Diploma or GED

Current Immunizations & Health Records

Ability to Pass a Background Check & a Drug Test

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