Diesel Service Technician

Embark on a career that powers the economy with our Diesel Service Technician program. This program prepares students for high-demand roles in maintaining and repairing diesel engines that run heavy trucks, buses, and other industrial machinery. With a focus on hands-on training and real-world problem-solving, students will learn from experienced instructors in state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the latest technology.

Repairing diesel engine with screwdriver and flashlight helping.

About our Diesel Service Technician Program

Prepare for a dynamic career in diesel technology with our Diesel Service Technician program. This comprehensive program offers in-depth training in the repair, maintenance, and service of diesel engines and heavy vehicles. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills necessary to excel in maintaining modern diesel engines and equipment used in transportation, construction, and other industries.

Program Objectives

Gain proficiency in the fundamentals of diesel engine technology, including diagnostics, repair, and performance optimization.

Learn essential skills in handling various heavy-duty tools and diagnostic equipment to service, repair, and maintain diesel engines.

Develop understanding of electronic systems and advanced diagnostics used in modern diesel engines.

Prepare for industry-recognized certifications that enhance job prospects and credibility.

Program Structure

This foundational course covers all aspects of shop safety, tool handling, and the basics of truck components. It is designed to ensure that students understand the working environment and can handle tools and equipment safely and effectively.

Dive into the electrical systems that power modern diesel engines, learning about basic electrical concepts, battery systems, and advanced electronic diagnostics tools used to troubleshoot and repair electrical faults.

Learn the mechanics of braking systems used in heavy-duty diesel vehicles, including air brakes and hydraulic systems. This course emphasizes the importance of effective braking systems and provides practical training in maintenance and troubleshooting.

Focus on the components that affect vehicle handling and ride quality. Students will learn how to inspect, repair, and maintain drivelines, suspension systems, and steering mechanisms to ensure they meet safety standards.

Gain skills in servicing HVAC systems found in diesel-powered vehicles, covering topics such as refrigerant handling, component replacement, and system diagnostics and repairs.

Explore the internal workings of diesel engines, studying everything from fuel systems to exhaust systems. This course also includes training on engine rebuilding and performance testing to optimize engine efficiency.

Address the environmental impact of diesel engines by learning about emissions regulations, testing procedures, and aftertreatment systems used to reduce emissions in diesel engines.

Focused on preventive maintenance practices, this course teaches students the routine checks and services that are necessary to keep diesel engines operating efficiently and safely.

Automotive Mechanic Performing Scheduled Diesel Engine Service
About this program:

In-Person & Hands-On


10 Weeks


On Campus

Certification Exam:
Automotive Service Excellence

Various Certification Exams

Admission Requirements:

Minimum age of 18 years

High School Diploma or GED

Pass a mechanical aptitude test

Ability to Pass a Background Check & a Drug Test

Valid driver’s license

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