Medication Aide Refresher

Our Medication Aide Refresher program is designed for current medication aides who are looking to update their skills and knowledge to maintain certification and compliance with state regulations.

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About our Medication Aide Refresher Program

This program reinforces essential skills in medication administration, reviews updates in pharmaceutical standards, and covers new advancements in medication management technology.

Program Objectives

Update knowledge on the latest medication administration guidelines and health care protocols.

Reinforce proper medication administration techniques, including dosage calculations, delivery methods, and documentation.

Enhance understanding of drug interactions, side effects, and patient monitoring to ensure safe and effective care.

Prepare for re-certification exams as required by state boards or certifying agencies.

Program Structure

This course covers advanced topics in pharmacology, including the latest in drug interactions, therapeutic outcomes, and safety measures. It’s designed to update aides on new medications on the market and changes in treatment protocols since their last certification.

Reviews current laws and ethical standards related to medication administration. This course ensures that all practicing aides understand their legal responsibilities and the ethical implications of their role, including maintaining patient confidentiality and consent.

Introduces new technologies and innovations that have been integrated into the management of medication, such as electronic health records (EHR) and automated dispensing systems. This course aims to familiarize aides with these tools to enhance efficiency and accuracy in their work.

Provides a practical, hands-on environment to refine and assess the clinical skills necessary for safe and effective medication administration. This component includes a review of proper techniques for administering various forms of medications, monitoring patients, and responding to emergencies.

Doctors are talking to explain medication and health care to elderly patients.
About this program:
Hybrid Format

In-Person & Online


4 Weeks


On Campus

Admission Requirements:

Must be a certified medication aide seeking renewal of certification.

Proof of previous certification and current or recent employment in a relevant healthcare setting.

Ability to Pass a Background Check & a Drug Test

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